Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Giveaway moderated by Risky Beads

Well, March did roar in like a lion... Hmmm wonder why my grandbaby Mark didn't get born in March, he so loves lions roaring!

I am privileged to be a part of the ArtFire Artisan March Giveaway moderated by RiskyBeads. There are a wide variety of items this month and all of them gorgeous:

Jennyndesign will donate a handcrafted bag to hold all the goodies: an earth friendly piece of art to keep with you for future goodies! Your bag will be crafted from limited materials, therefore unique, and is likely to incorporate upcyled materials.

Studiojk has a piece of vinyl art for your wall, as does JoannasPhotography. This dandelion print is so refreshing! I saw it last week and remember it clearly.

If you think a lime cooler is something you drink, you haven't been to ShineYouHiney's ArtFire shop: this great lotion is her contribution to the giveaway. It is the perfect ending to a wonderful soak with lime cooler melts by SoySentual surrounding you as you luxuriate with the lime margarita soap bar from Soapdeli.

No matter the color of your favorite green attire, you can choose one of the great jewelry contributions to accent it, from demure to bold, mint green to emerald. I've included a big, bold emerald and clear Swarovski crystal bracelet. RockyCreekGems&Gifts has included a beautiful and dainty aventurine pendant. I was disappointed when I heard this because *I* wanted it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! RiskyBeads has included a pair of acorn earrings that manage to be both bold and demure, which I believe makes an item the most fun to wear. Shoozles has included a great springtime pendant that is definitely sweet.

Once you are dolled up to your satisfaction you can pack note cards by BarbaraNeelyDesigns into luggage identified with the shamrock by binhog and travel to the best place on earth. I've got to admit that I had not met binhog nor seen the binhog shop before I participated in this giveaway. I'm glad I did, because I have inexpensive generic luggage!

OK, so maybe traveling to the best place on earth, or just traveling to search for it, is just a fantasy but it's a great one, isn't it? And you can be reminded of your best place every time you see any one of these great things.

What are the rules? Well, you can visit Risky's blog to find out the details, but they are pretty simple: window shop and tell us about it! Buy from a giveaway participant and tell us about it! Blog/tweet/plurk/link on your web page about the giveaway and tell us about it! But don't take my word for it. Visit Risky's blog for the skinny and follow the rules closely because the giveaway is becoming more popular each month.

All participating studios are offering 10% off in their studios for participants in the giveaway. You will find the coupon code on Risky's blog.

To participate you must comment on 6 studios. To get another entry you can buy from a studio. AND another entry can be garnered with a comment on the remaining studios. The winner is chosen randomly. Check Risky's blog for the downtown skinny.

I hope you have fun with this!

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