Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #6

Today I get to meet Madelyn! I'm so excited! Mominlaw is coming into town so we'll grab takeout and pick her up from the airport and deliver her to Madelyn's Mom and Dad, so we have an excuse to intrude. I'm excited!

On to our daily spotlight: Today we have eliswoodgifts and EllaBellaMe.

Eliswoodgifts says, "I am a retired master carpenter who now builds unique handcrafted wood items in my small home shop. I have been designing and building items like this for years, and make each item by myself, one at a time, with care."

I wish I could justify buying this:

but it would make the rest of my living room look too shabby!

And this is so great! If I could unbury my note pads, I might get one!

Although Eliswoodgifts has no avatar or banner, the descriptions of products sounds professional and practiced. Don't let the lack of either keep you from this studio, which has been with ArtFire since last December.

EllaBellaMe says, "I am a big time lover of chenille and the vintage look. I use chenille in alot of the baby items I make and am constantly searching for cute vintage looking fabric.

I will also be listing some jewelry and adding other items as well. I MUST clean out the things I have been hoarding and I hope somebody actually uses them someday!"

She has a variety of things in her studio: Jewelry, sewing patterns, and baby things. I love these matching burp pads and bibs, but wonder how many moms can sleep well enough to keep them in the same place :)

Of herself, "I have been crafting ever since I was a child being inspired by both my grandmothers, Eleanor and Isabell. That is where the studio's name comes from....and me!

I do many different crafts and hope to display them all at one time or another so check back often. "

I hope you enjoyed this venture into two studios from the east coast. I did. Stop by their studios to browse!

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