Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #7

First, let me apologize for neglecting you yesterday. I was ill, and barely keeping up with email.

I'm MUCH better now!

This day's Artful Seniors on Fire Guild spotlight will be on KizingtonPlace and Krrschurr.

KizingtonPlace does upcycling, scarf making, and jewelry on ribbons, lanyards, and strung beads and gemstones.

Kiz says, "Hi There,
Thanks for stopping by. Dominos have been a source of creative ideas for me. Love the color and the ink's freedom of flow on the tiles. Hope you find something made especially for you, if not do enjoy your visit and please come again.

And, "Kizington Place is where my ideas come to life in one form or another. However, not always as I see them in my mind.
After working in the 9-5 world for many years, I now create designs with inks on tiles. When not working with inks, I have a hook in my hand or maybe two needles. There are so many types of yarn available today, and the colors and textures are unlimited. So fun.
Oh, yes I also love being behind the camera lens. So much to learn and try.
Life is good!"

OK Kiz, any time you want to come to my house and photograph jewelry, you are welcome! Hehehe!

Krrschurr does custom athletic clothing: Nope, not in CA, in OH! Krschurr says, " I sew athletic wear for fun and function. To that end, the best fabric available is used, and all seams are finished.
Customize your shorts or leggings. I have many fabrics on-hand that you can choose from. You can view them on my flickr site:
Look in the set labeled 'Fabrics Available'

Visit my blog, too, at http://www.flamingoks.blogspot.com
Verified sellers receive a 10% discount."

And, "My Motto: Life is short, Sew get on with it.....

I started sewing biking shorts for my daughters and their friends/teammates to wear under their basketball and soccer jerseys. The girls liked the bicycle shorts curved back because they don't slip down during active wear. The color combinations have been a fun part of their purchases, too."

This is a shoe bag for sports. Cool idea!

I hope you have enjoyed discovering these two Artful Seniors. Jump over to their shops and see what else they have for you!

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