Friday, March 20, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #5

DLCreations-AL describes her studio, "My studio is located in a booth in an antique store. I also sell my jewelry there. A large part of my income is from repairing the vintage pieces my customers bring to me. My satisfaction is in their renewed enjoyment of their jewelry. More than that, however, is what each piece teaches me; pattern, color, style, workmanship, design, all influence and teach me. So when I pick up a selection of beads, gemstones, etc. I can listen to them suggest the best way to show their beauty."

and herself, "
I come from an artistic family. However, I am a late bloomer and only found my artistic medium after retirement. I am fast approaching 70 years. I began beading 7 years ago and am self taught, continuing to explore new techniques, and to aquire new skills.
In August 2007 I rented a 10X15 foot booth in an antique store and set up my display case and work table. It is both my shop and my studio 3 days a week."

EcclecticOddities describes her studio: "clectic Oddities is a collection of handmade items, created by a retired art teacher with too much time on her hands, and an overactive drive to keep busy!

Each item is one of a kind, and in some cases the style may be the same, but the materials vary, so that each piece is an original.

I love doing custom work, so feel free to request an item that you may not see in the Studio.

You will find fiber/wearable arts, jewelry, paper goods, odd bits/pieces and misc. clothing articles.

I am currently adding a couple of items a day, so check back now and then for new listings. Most will be new items, not found in my Etsy shop.

I also have 3 shops on Etsy :"

and herself, "
Retired high school art and theatre teacher.
A crafter, quilter, designer and seamstress for over 40 years.

Love all things 4 footed and furry, as well as our feathered friends. Live with 4 cats and feed all the neighborhood strays.

Have a variety of interests, thus the eclectic nature of my shop and handmade items."

I hope you have enjoyed seeing two of their items, and that you will visit their stores on to see more.

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