Friday, January 30, 2009

Toddling Along On Friday

I'm supposed to be doing laundry. And stuff. I'm doing it, bit by bit. I have one custom order to finish. I'm spending waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much time OL chatting. Reminds me of the old AOL chatroom days when I was watching B5.

Hmmmm, met my husband in that chatroom. Maybe I'll meet some customers here :)

I'm finding the experience to be wonderful. I have not sold on that venue as yet but I have met some wonderful people and have learned more about my avocation since I joined than I did in the whole previous year. Thank you AFAs (ArtFire Artists).

I have, however, purchased many wonderful one-of-a-kind (OOAK) or simply Lovingly Hand Crafted (LHC) items for Christmas in February (My first trip to the Land of the Grandbabies since Christmas.)on .

I got towels for Mom-in-law.
Baby Cowboy Booties for as-yet-unborn neice.
A wonderful handpainted ornament.
A GREAT handpainted pendant.
Way cool bracelet.

I've flagged a few other things to buy there too. One artist has a beautiful necklace that I'm coveting. *sigh* Gotta get a day job before I can justify buying myself jewelry when I have all these gorgeous components in my dining area.

So if you are looking for great handcrafted gifts, I do believe you'll find something there.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, I rescued quite a bit of data from the laptop. Will be taking the poor thing to the tech docs this morning to see why the keyboard won't work. I think there is still som moisture inside and I don't want to open it and void my warranty.

I'll be napping later today as I woke from a jewelry nightmare (I'm sure it was caused by the thought of photographing and inventorying and data building AGAIN) four hours before my alarm goes off (better find my phone, it goes off in 30 minutes). Thank the Laptop Fairy that I won't be doing THAT any time soon!

Thanks for listening. It helped bunches.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Disasterous day...must be counting up karma for tomorrow

...and I'll need it.

Day started off with hubby's bank calling with a fraud alert....

and midday my computer, lamp, and jumbo coffee decided to jump into a mosh pit on the floor.

Lamp survived.
I made more coffee.
Computer died.

Now, I have made whole career decisions on whether or not I could get my employer to back up offsite. But I recently lost my job...which was my quarterly airfare to the Land of the Grandbabies....and AFTER I'd spent lots and lots on jewelry supplies and a brand new laptop...
and AFTER I let myself in for lots of fees from an online auction site...

Well, I was kinda depressed... and just coming out of it... and all my cost-of-item bookkeeping and materials for the bookkeeping and all of my Very Amateurish Photos of My Jewelry were not yet backed up on the brand new laptop....

....which died


At least I'm almost positive I'll have a better day tomorrow.

Unless, of course, I decide i really, really have to recreate those dratted spreadsheets...

oh, me, oh, my...

My Very First Strings of Beads!

Well, if there is anywhere I should list my jewelry making goals, I guess it is here. My goals for this year, although I am sure that I won't accomplish all of them in this 12-month period, are as follows:

I'm newly unemployed, so one is to use all the glass and base metal components I bought before I was sure I liked jewelry making.

Another is to learn to string beads.

And to cage beads.

And to redesign my Sister-in-law's 2 generation bracelet and necklace, and my mother-in-law's 3 generation bracelet. You would think, wouldn't you, that she'd have the grace to give birth to her third child in one of the months used in the design from her last year's mother's day present, wouldn't you? Well, no, she's not, and my third little tester neice will be born in her very own month. Imagine her being more considerate of her child than me? LOL

And to prepare for a trunk show.

::::sniffles:::: That means I must complete my inventory.

And tagging.

And learn to xtml.

And therefore redesign my logo and banners and... well, you know.

Well, anyway, I cannot say I've learned to string, but I have completed two stringing projects. Hurray!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did it!

Yesterday I strung beads for a necklace for the first time. I have been using wire techniques. Stringing is so boring! But I did it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swarovski Siam 4pc Channel Drop necklace earrings bracelet

Siam channel drop 4pc set just in time for Valentine's Day. Dazzle her with fun jewelry!

Purple Velvet 6pc Swarovski Set Auctioned at 1/4 value

This stunning Swarovski purple velvet 6pc set is being auctioned at one-fourth of its value for the beginning bid, and NO reserve!

Gotta see this one to believe it. It's much prettier than its pictures. Moneyback guarantee, no shipping.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine's Day Dazzlers!

See my Swarovski Crystal and semiprecious gemstone heart jewelry at these addresses:

In either store, you may search by "heart" to find all the heart-specific jewelry. I have heart pendants, and heart chains for your special valentine.

Email me at either site for an estimate on your custom crafted jewelery!