Monday, March 16, 2009

ArtfulSeniors on Fire Spotlight #1

First, Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Okay, folks, this should amuse us until sometime in the fall: I'll take those three guild rosters in the order posted and highlight one or two (depending on whether or not I have other news) of each of the artists in each of the guilds. I wanted to start with Artful Seniors On Fire because they have a wide variety of artists. Next will come West Coast Crafters, then last will come ArtFire Jewelry Designers and Jewelry Supply.

AcadienneCrocheted items and gift baskets

Acadienne's artist describes her store: Here you will find hand knitted, crocheted, and, coming soon, embroidered items for you, your home, and your children. Baskets found in thrift stores have been repurposed and filled with spa cloths, dish cloths, and baby items for the spring or any season, and all sizes and prices are represented. All items can be ordered in custom colors, just ask! All items are made in smoke-free environments, including my workplace of 86 to 97-year olds with no contagious diseases, just dementia. Have one well-groomed dog who does not come to work with me.

She started selling because she saw an article in the newspaper, and because friends and acquaintances asked her to sell them things.

I didn't see any green for St. Pat's, but I love this towel set:

and this shawl:

I'm next: Alisuns: Swarovski , gemstone, and glass jewelry

I started selling jewelry because I was working in a pharmacy with an unhealthy atmosphere: the negativity and futility of the job was making me ill and I knew I'd have to leave. Since coming to the San Francisco Bay Area I've had trouble staying employed for the first time in my life. My age had begun to overshadow my experience, and most SFBay companies need office help with a broader range of skills. I thought this might be a way to supplement my income: How come no one told me how much it would cost? Hehehe!

Just in case there isn't something green in the rapid cart, here's one of my green items:

And for the other christian religions, here's something orange:

Next, we have ArtbyJoan: puzzle greeting cards, Acrylic canvas paintings. Joan began selling her art because she thought it might be fun! What a great way to start a business!

Joan introduces her studio: ArtByJoan's products are all hand painted and signed by me. I paint on many surfaces that are truly one-of-a-kind paintings, one stroke at a time.

I love painting roses, and am painting roses on mini canvases that are great surprises to be given on Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and special occasions.

Roses are a great way to tell someone you love them, thank them, proud of them, job promotion, get well painting, or any occasion!.

My prices are very economical, because I want to paint and spread happiness as well as teach art. My affordable prices give everyone a chance to own a unique painting.

Field of Poppies, an 8x10 original on canvas.


An original art signed pin, priced at only $3!

All the pictures should be clickable. I hope you enjoy the rest of your St. Patty's day.

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