Saturday, April 24, 2010


Since this talented artist not only features a fellow artisan *every* day but also informs us about the Crazy Train rider of the day, I almost resurrected my crazy train blog to brag about her, but really: this is about her, not just her generous and unstinting work so I put it here. I'll compromize by putting a link over there, if I can remember the password :0

Every single one of the items in AndreaDesigns Studio is elegant, gorgeous, trendy, and eccentric: not the easiest thing to do! Her work is stunning, and this is currently my favorite even though I really do not like pink:

I was featured on her blog at the beginning of April and delayed featuring her work because she was moving house: I seem to have fallen asleep and not noticed that her studio was no longer on vacation.

I know I make jewelry, but I once clothed my children and helped support them with knitting and crochet work. Andrea's type of work is not easy to do, and even less easy to make attractive, but Andrea makes it LOOK easy. Note that in this desciption she almost forgets the cotton lace edging...oh, yeah, there's this too.

Andrea works with natural materials as much as possible, and has hand knitted or crocheted many items, although she does own a knitting machine. She is currently in something called the "Master Knitter's Program" which I first heard about when someone bragged about certification on an item that was gifted to my daughter (not Andrea's, it was too traditional for that :)

Ready for another gorgeous item?

This one combines alpaca wool with acrylic. Beautiful!

Thank you, Andrea, for all your support and inspiration.