Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #8

Good Wednesday morning to you! today we feature KTDesigns and MySassyGlass.

KTDesigns does one of a kind (OOAK) jewelry, as you can see by the pictures of it.

The artisan says, "Welcome to KT Designs at Art Fire. I make and sell handmade Jewelry. Mostly OOAK, some repurposed. "

Of herself she says, "I just recently retired from retail after...a VERY long time. Now I spend my days with my newest grandchild, Caitlin ( Caity to me). We like to watch Elmo and Abby Cadabby. And then she goes home and I get to play with my beads or paint. Other then that, the only other thing I do is read and listen to music on my IPod. I have 3 Kids and 9 grandkids scattered all over the west coast. And a husband!

I really enjoy making jewelry. I want to start working with silver and fire my own designs. I love art and creating. My Mom is a great artist and great Mom. We learned from her. She was always drawing and painting when she wasn't working. She worked hard at work and harder at home because there were 8 of us little angels."

Wow, I have a son-in-law whose family encouraged artistry. It blossomed in the entire family and I can see how Caity's grandmom must have been encouraged.


And now on to MaggiesMarket. Ah, a search for this studio was unproductive. Maggie must have moved on.

Let's go on to MySassyGlass. The studio is described, "Studio of an Award Winning Glass Artist.
Check out the press release for "Art in the Garden" at What ever your personality type ... bold, sassy, modern, classic, sporty, edgy, daring, elegant, trendy, or unique. We have a pendant just for you."

Of herself, the artisan says, "Hi, my name is Susan and I am a fused glass artist. A few years ago, I was downsized out of my fourth job and decided that I should use my own skills to make my way in this BIG world. So, I went back to school and graduated with a degree in Web Development and a Small Business Certificate. With the completion of my schooling came the creation of my company which I named Sassy Glass LLC. "

Of herself, she says, "I originally thought I would be creating stained glass pieces, but once I experimented with fused glass I was hooked. And now I create original fused glass wearable artwork. I decided that since they are all one-of-a-kind pieces of art that they should be named and signed. And so each pendant has been given a named and "Sassy" is engraved on the back of each pendant. (So far I have named over twenty-seven hundred pendants.)

My daughter has since joined me and we love experimenting with glass to see if we can get the effect that we are trying to achieve. It is fantastic when we succeed in getting the look that we were going for but, we must admit that sometimes mistakes and surprises are so much better. It's like Christmas morning every time we open up the kiln.

Working with glass and heat is a magical combination. Layering glass adds depth and combining colors can create endless combinations. Then you can add Dichroic Glass that has magical properties all of its own. You see, Dichroic Glass will reflect one color while it transmits another color. Because of this characteristic, the dichroic glass will actually look like its changing color right before your very eyes. It is truly amazing to see.

We have lovingly created and sold pendants, slides, earrings, drop vases, slumped wine bottles, sun catchers/wind chimes and table art. Although we sell the majority of our artwork at Art and Craft shows in Wisconsin, we have also had our art on different websites for the past four years.

Patrons have asked and I must agree that it is very hard to sell some of the pieces that we create. They almost become a part of you. But, what we enjoy more is for someone that has already purchased a piece from us come back to buy gifts for themselves or others.

Happy Shopping! "

One should never say never, but I really don't imagine myself with all that heat and intensity. My hat is off to you!

I hope that you have enjoyed the spotlights for today. Be sure to visit their shops to see what else they have for you!


  1. Thank you for including MySassyGlass in your feature article.