Thursday, March 19, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #4

Today's spotlights from the Artful Seniors on Fire Guild are CherryTree and CrazyWomanGlass.

CherryTree says about herself: "I love working with clay and the greatest moment and the greatest disappointment is when the kiln is opened after the final glaze firing. It can be wonderful or a disaster!
Pieces that have hours spent on them can crack or the glaze doesn't work and its very sad, but when it comes out well, it's great!
I'm inspired by many things- Nature, beauty, stories and rhymes. I find a lot of inspiration on my daily walk in the woods with our Labrador Molly.
My daughter Jo is also very artistic and has a site on Artfire. She makes lovely cards and knits beautifully. (something I have never been able to do!)
Her site is knitting_pixie"

As a JT Tunstall fan, I couldn't resist putting up her black horse freehand sculpture.

And ArtFire artists love cats...

CrazyWomanGlass says, "Crazy Woman Glass is finally on Art Fire! We are a husband and wife team of self representating artists into glass. We make beads, pendants, marbles, jewelry, and fused and stained glass items.

We've just completed a new studio. We have three torches set up and are able to teach beginning, intermediate and specialty lampwork classes. You can see photos of the new studio at or visit

Thanks for looking!"

Her bio states, "There is something very magical for me in the transformation of sheets of glass into objects that transmits light and color as is the melting of glass rods in the flame and creating beads of all colors and shapes.

For over 12 years I have been working with glass in various forms, including stained glass, fusing and jewelry. Creating flamework beads for the last 8 years was a natural transition into another aspect of working with glass.

A Glass Torch Technologies torch that combines oxygen and propane is used to melt the glass to form the beads or off-mandrel work. These can be embellished with handmade twisties, stringers, latticino, silver, gold, copper foil, dichoric glass, or millefiore. The glass is then fully annealed in a kiln for durability.

Each bead is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will last for many years. These beads are made into either unique finished wearable pieces, sold as sets, or individual beads."

I know I thoroughly enjoyed discovering these two ArtFire Artisans, and I hope you will visit their shop and enjoy them just as much.


  1. I am loving all these spotlights. Wondering if I can lie about my age so I can join you all?