Friday, May 1, 2009

West Coast Crafters #5

LaDeDaCreations is on the Crazy Train today. If you want a fun stroll through a studio, hers is the one! Not for the timid, by any means.

Congratulations to MeaCulpaBodyandBath who won my Blog Giveaway for April. Not too late, I have another for May! Just visit the blogged shops this month and leave a comment for the artisan on my blog regarding their work. Artisans like to hear what you liked best, so that's a good place to start.

ArtFire Sneakers had a lot of fun ambushing DontKnowPub. What was even better, Linda of the duo walked in as we were mid-ambush!

Today's West Coast Crafters are GemKitty75 and Goldenrod. Let's take a peek at their studios:

GemKitty is someone I know from the forums. She has gorgeous jewelry.

About her studio she says, "Unique, non-mass produced jewelry that is as special as you are! My personal touch and craftsmanship are combined with all of the beauty that Mother Earth provides us with. I use only quality beading wire and findings to ensure that the piece will last for years. Whenever possible, I support products produced in the USA (TierraCast findings, Soft Flex beading wire). Please browse and enjoy the scenery!! Thank you for viewing and/or selecting my jewelry pieces."

Of herself, "My love of gemstones began a few years ago. I started collecting, learning and growing to love the absolute beauty mother earth creates. About 2 years ago I ventured into making my own jewelry. The name GemKitty actually came from one of my cats, Munchie. Munchie loves the beads as much as I do and you can often find him nosing around my beading supplies and pulling at the beads. Mother of 1, Grandmother of 2 my family are my heart and soul. I love being able to share the pieces I make with my friends and family. Please browse my shop and send me comments even if you do not purchase. I love to hear what people think!!"


Goldenrod is a new studio to me. Let's go see:

Of the studio, Goldenrod says, "Whether it's fancy or funky, we strive to create beautiful high quality pieces that you will be proud to wear.
Try something out; you'll be glad you did! "

Of Goldenrod, "My mother and I have been making and selling jewelry together for several years now. It is just another way that she has been passing her creativity and love for fashion down to me."

So let's explore the studios of our guild members by visiting their shop and letting them know what's best about it.

Remember to note here what you found the most extraordinary so that you might win the earrings or bracelet (gentlemen, I have one for you as earrings though. I haven't bought stud findings yet.).

I hope you enjoy today. Have fun!


  1. Made in the USA rocks (no pun intended)! Thanks for using Soft Flex! :)

    Soft Flex Co.

  2. GemKitty suits my personal tastes, especially the second agate necklace. It is so colorful and a reasonable price.