Saturday, May 30, 2009

West Coast Crafters #10

Happy Weekend! Hurray! My husband and I plan to do a little window shopping and maybe see a movie today. For two over-39 (hubby is 40) people, we sure see a lot of Pixar movies! We love them.

I'm not a gardener (my husband has a degree in horticulture so he gets those chores) but my latest HandMade News column is about killing weeds without pesticides. Read it here.

Don't forget to visit the
Crazy Train, featuring TheBroomCloset. Paula has a wide variety of destashes in this shop. One less now, because I bought them! Paula is also the creator of the Crazy Train. (Bows to the Crazy Train Master.) She and the original secretary then abdigated all responsiblity to LaDeDaCreations, who is doing a wonderful job of keeping us in line.

Today's West Coast Crafters are:
Thechainmaillelady Chain maille jewelry Theskinyourein Handmade bath and body products

Here is a link to our West Coast Crafters guild

Thechainmaillelady says, "
I make gorgeous chainmaille jewelry! I have been weaving teeny tiny jump rings for over 4 years.

"My passion is working with sterling silver however, knowing that not everyone can afford sterling silver I have also created chainmaille using other mediums. I believe everyone should own at least one piece of chainmaille!"

I bought a version of this for my daughter-in-law:

"I would love to hear from you about my designs and quality so I can keep up to date."

"Listen To Me Every Tuesday 7PM EST On BlockHead Radio. Just Click On The Banner"

There is a BlockHead Radio widget on the right.


Theskinyourein says, "I am a wife, mom, grandma and step-mom and I love my job! I've been making bath and body products for the past six years and I'm blessed to have this profession as my full time job. This business was born out of my own battle with eczema and severely dry skin. After a few years of formulating and testing, I can say that my eczema is now under control and I am my best advertising tool.

"I love what I do and I hope you will too!"

Don't forget to visit their studios and leave messages for them as comments on this blog. Each month a random commenter receives a free pair of earrings or sterling plated bracelet (their choice).

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  1. Enjoy the show! My ex (44), the boys & I (40)went & saw "UP" on Friday. It was a good movie. What is it about Pixar anyway?

    What beautiful chainemaille jewelry & lovely bath & body goodies!