Friday, April 3, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #13

Hurray! What a great Friday! Today the ArtFire Crazy Train pulled out of the station! If you are confused by that statement, go here to find out about it.

It's the third day of the Easter Egg Hunt, so there are only 14 more days to get that cryptogram completely right and submit it.

And we have the last two studios of the original roster posted for the Artful Seniors on Fire, but don't think we've run out of things to show you. There have been a few new members since I posted the roster. We'll spotlight them, too, then post a new roster with them in the alphabet :)

Today we'll visit WooleyCreek and zzazz.

WooleyCreek is familiar to me from the forums. She's trying to act like a curmudgeon and failing dismally. Any profit from her art is earmarked for her dream cabin. Her family is helping her build it themselves to save money.

She does ethnic and American Indian jewelry. Her website as a lot of mexican jewelry, and her ArtFire shop has a plethora of woven seed beads. She complains she can't see ... I wonder why! All of her items are beautiful.

Aren't these earrings gorgeous?

Of her studio she says, "Welcome to my shop! I love Tribal and Ethinic Jewelry of every kind. As you can see, I specialize in Native American beadwork and crafts. I am new to Artfire so I hope you will enjoy my shop.

We Will ship anywhere! Just contact us."

And something both ethnic and traditional:

Of herself she says, "I have been beading since 1990. We also do other NA crafts. My husband and I set up at Powwows and Flea Markets to sell my crafts and Vintage Native American Jewelry. We also sell on Ebay. under the name of Wooleycreek.

I am disabled and spend most of my time doing things I can sit at the table to work on. Beadwork helps pass the time when I can't walk!"

I know I have my eye on a few things in her studio, so don't buy those ones!


I've seen zzazz a time or two in the forums, too, but I'm less familiar with her work. I do remember seeing her signature pillow covers, though. And this patriotic afghan is beautiful!


I've been washing with crocheted items for decades. I prefer them over the scrubbies.

Of herself, she says, "I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy sewing for the home and crocheting for the family and home. Everything I create I do as if the item were for my own family. Hope you enjoy my items. "

I do, I want to get some of her place mats after I get the bead stuff relocated and can use my dining table again!

I enjoyed this walk through these two talented artisan's studios, and I hope you will go to their studios and see what else they have for you.

Have fun today!

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