Thursday, April 9, 2009

ArtFire Seniors on Fire Addendum 3

Remember you only have 6 days left to find all the letters and unscramble the cryptogram for the Easter Egg Hunt. And on the 17th you will be busy trying to find all the hidden treasures in the ArtFire Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Guild's treasure hunt and giveaway. CCTexan is moving and wants to reduce inventory before she does. Everything in her shop is BOGO. She will refund within a few hours, except on Sunday, when she will be away from her computer longer than usual.

Don't forget to go see the little town of PicardCreative on the CrazyTrain. Go ahead. You need a laugh today. We'll wait.

Now that you are chuckling, the last two members of the Artful Seniors on Fire Guild as of the seventh of April are AnnMadeStuff and SecondHandRose. As usual, we'll let the artisans tell their story.

Of AnnMadeStuff, Ann says, "I love to sew and machine embroider. I do some bead work as well.

Items are made in a smoke free, animal friendly environment."

Of herself, "I am happily married and have 3 grown sons. I have lived in France, Switzerland, Maine, Florida and have come back to my birth state of Virginia, after being away for almost 40 years.

I was recently interviewed for the local newspaper because of my crafting!"

Anne is in the process of stocking her studio. She has plans to sell accessories and children's things. She has one apron listed so far but most of her product is bags of all kinds.

As an aging Trekker, I'm dying to ask her if the other side of this bag says, "Shoot to Kill."


SecondHandRose is a seamstress who enjoys upscaling and vintage jewelry. You can find a variety of things in her brand-new studio. She joined ArtFire on March 29 and has some categories not filled as yet. I can't wait to see what goes in them.

Of her studio she says, "Welcome to Second Hand Rose! We offer the finest in altered, upcycled and vintage clothing and accessories. Here you will find hats, purses, jewelry, skirts, jackets and much more. Please stop in regularly as we will be adding more lovely items daily."

Of herself she says, "In high school I made my own clothes, and altered gowns for prom. Once I was married, I decided to make the baby layettes and bibs, then dresses for the daughters and dress pants for the boys. I also make my hubby western shirts and square dance dresses for me. Then later on I needed to make a lot of my own clothes once again since we had a large number of children to outfit! So this shop is a new venture in that I'll be altering ready made clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories and not starting from a pattern. I look forward to providing you with lovely altered items to wear and give."

So let's welcome our two newest members of the guild by visiting their shop and letting them know what's best about it.

I hope you enjoy today. Have fun!

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