Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ArtFire Seniors on Fire Addendum 2

Before we step into the ASF Guild, some reminders for you:

The ArtFire Easter Egg Hunt is still going on until the 17th, The Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Guild has a treasure hunt and sale starting on the 17th, and don't forget to take a ride on the Crazy Train to meet more new artisans. AmyDesigns is donating 100 percent of her sales today. "In honor of Dean's 21st birthday on Tuesday, April 7, I will donate 100% of my sales to the National Association for Down Syndrome. This organization offers wonderful support to parents and their kids, and we were so glad we found them when Dean was born."

Today's new members to the ArtFul Seniors on Fire Guild are UniqueEmbroideries and LindaLewis. SassyClayCreations' studio is still under construction.

UniqueEmbroideries "specialize(s) in machine Applique and embroidered quilt blocks, appliqued iron-on patches,handmade baby items and much more." I saw baby hats and burp cloths, to name two things sold other than quilt blocks.

Of the artisan, "Thank you for coming by! I hope you will enjoy your shopping!!

I have been selling on-line, since 2001. I started with Ebay,but with all the changes there, I left, and now I sell on different venues.

I am excited about this site and hope it continues to grow!

I started sewing when I was very young. Have tried just about all the arts and crafts there are, at one time or another, crocheting, ceramics, sewing, quilting, etc. Now I mainly sew quilt blocks, iron-on patches, misc. items."


SassyClayCreations is still under construction.


LindaLewis says, "Celebrating life by adding handmade items to make each day better! Handmade, hand-painted, unique - AHHH!" Walking into her studio is like walking into a Hallmark Store. I didn't see wrapping paper, but I might have missed it! She does cards, mosaics, stitching, ornaments, plaques, and more!

Of herself, Linda says, "Former teacher, secretary, medical transcriptionist, reading clinic owner, I started trying to create when my friend died of breast cancer in 2000. She challenged me to do whatever I could to do what I wanted with my life. In 2000, I started my website, Creative Artworks! http://www.creativeartworks.cc with only my own work, then expanded it the following year to include the work of others. My life is so rich, full, and rewarding now. I've met wonderful people on the Internet. :0) "

The decorations on the note paper are not stamps. They are hand paintings!

I hope you enjoyed this visit with our new guild members and will visit their shops to see what else they have in store for you. Have fun today!

And don't forget to take a ride on the Crazy Train

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