Monday, February 16, 2009

The Only Place to buy Alisun's Custom Crafted Jewelry

Well, as of today I have no handcrafted jewelry in any online store other than I have plans to add to some other sites I've signed up for, but intend ArtFire to be MainStreet for Alisun's.
Of course, no apostrophes allowed in URLs, so I'm Alisuns there.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pendant from Deronda Designs on ArtFire. Since I was her first ArtFire customer, she sent me a present with my purchase. The picture above is the front and back of the pendants I couldn't resist.

She added this as a bonus:

So, of course, I could hardly wait to find something to complement it. Every now and then I'd pick it up and rub it for good luck, then a few days ago I ventured into Michael's for the materials to make a light box.

They had Swarovskis half off -- including that curious color, Palace Green Opal. Perfect!

I spent this day turning wire to create links for a four-piece set. I haven't priced it out as yet, so I haven't listed but since I've been neglecting you, I thought I could highlight our collaboration. Deronda makes jewelry as well as beads, but she shared beads with me and this is the result. Perhaps nothing like what she'd envisioned when she made the bead: perhaps close, who knows?

Lampwork artists are much more familiar with more elaborate wire work. I'm not that practiced as yet, but I'm happy with the result.

Following are a few more pictures of the set. Look for it at

You can find Deronda Designs "Flutterbys," used to make the pair of necklaces above, and, of course, other lampwork beads at

There are many other lampwork artists on ArtFire: almost all of them also create jewelry.
One of the first lampworkers I found lives just down the road a piece from me. I am really looking forward to meeting her and snapping up a few of her creations:
Here is one of the items from her shop:

And someone else whose work amazes me:
This bangle is one of her more abstract works: most have could be paintings!

Once again, there are many ways in which one can collaborate with artists on ArtFire. There are fora for mentoring and display of individual work, no commission, and lots of fun!

I think I'll spend this week looking into those ArtFire Artists that have nothing to do with Jewelry. That way I won't feed my inferiority complex!

Only 10 more days until I fly to the Land of the Grandbabies!

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  1. Sorry the pictures were cut off. You will be able to see better ones at the ArtFire sites.