Friday, February 6, 2009

Need some whimsey in your life? Check out these contests!

RiskyBeads is hosting a February giveaway.
There are so many ways to enter that you could have several entries without trying much.
Comment on her blog, visit shops and comment on them, buy from any ArtFire Artisan, etc.
She's been doing this awhile and has really compiled a beautiful giveaway with components from many types of artists. The image above is 9 out of 11 of the giveaways.

3zArt is giving away a $20 gift certificate to her ArtFire shop .
Hurry, contest winner will be announced Feb. 28. She has several ways that you can enter, and won't find items like this anywhere else.

Kay Sommers is having a total $100 giveaway on Valentine's Day! Not much time to get those entries in, but once you see her ArtFire shop you will definitely want to win one of the gift certificates! .
Sorry, Kay, I know better than to type something in when I can copy it for accuracy. Folks, this is the REAL link to Kay's shop. But go to my shop first so you have some dollars left before you see hers!

I have this beautiful bit of bling on sale with the mention of this blog for 15% off.

ArtFire Verified Members can take 30% off.
Closeups on the studio page.

Now go play in ArtFire's playground!


  1. I'm popnicute in artfire . but some usually mistaken me for popincute :P

    oh, yeah, you need to mention 3 things that you liked from my shop in your comment in my blog. you only mentioned one. thought i'd tell you :)

  2. your listings are beautiful I also sell online at a site called it is similar to ebay only nicer and cheaper there are no listing fee and no time frames for them and very small final value fees come on over and check us out at the very least!