Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sorry I've Been Neglecting You

Oh, my! It's been years since I had any illness that kept me from breathing freely for so long! My husband and I have been trading cold germs. I finally broke down and begged my doctor for an antibiotic so that I could be relatively germ free when I went to Chicago in (not that I'm counting) 11 days. I'm allergic to most antibiotics so don't take them very often.

We finally heard from Best Buy about my computer. They were unable to fix it, which meant the motherboard probably shorted. So they offered me a new computer. AND canceled my insurance! That means what happens is I bought three years of insurance for 4 months' coverage. Ah, well, I suppose I couldn't have bought another computer for $300, but I would like to have the one I got insured for less than the $500 they said it would take to insure this one. I can pick the new one up some time today but it's a special day in our family: Joe's Mom is home from her trip to Bangkok and Joe's Dad and our oldest niece both have a birthday today. We'll spend the day visiting and trying not to breathe on folks.

I'm having little success taking pictures without a light box, so I'm going to try to build one tomorrow according to all the instructions the knowledgeable ArtFire artists posted online.

I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule today or tomorrow: I have new artists from whom I bought irresistable items, and will try to document my Great Light Box Adventure (but not in too much detail).

Remember to have some fun today!

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