Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well, today I am going to concentrate on housework, but I just had to mention this gorgeous piece that another AFA found on the site.

People like this almost make me want to give up jewelry making in disgust! Although my sweetie would be happy about that (it's costing him plenty) who knows what expensive hobby I would replace jewelry with, so I think I'll stick around and learn.

This piece is by JewelryBySandy on ArtFire. She says it's been awarded prizes. I can see why! AND she says she is creating a tutorial for it!

I've been reading Mercedes Lackey lately and if any jewelry piece seemed to be made for her, this is it. I think I'll post a link on her website, too :::winks:::

See more from this amazing ArtFire Artisan at


  1. I love Mercedes Lackey and agree this piece reminds me of her, too. Don't give up ;o) just practice, practice! My wire wrapped is slowing improving as well.

  2. I saw that piece as well and thought the exact same thing as you!!