Monday, February 2, 2009

Artfire Artists whose items I couldn't resist

Several of my fellow artists (I love saying that as if I were as competent) had items I just couldn't resist. not only went shopping to complete my first order (at the last minute I wanted to double it) but sent it in a timely fashion. Once I saw her work, I decided I needed a pair of baby booties she'd posted on her site...but in a different color. Customers are like that, yeah, they are! Ginny not only offered me my choice between natural fibers and manmade, but received the order, made the booties, and mailed them so that I got them in FOUR DAYS! Now, I'm sure she can't crochet a bedspread for you in that amount of time, but I once supplemented my income with crocheted items, and that is awesome! I know those booties lookk like one is smaller than the other in the picture, but I have them right in front of me and they are perfectly sized.

I can't show the items I actually bought from the rest of these artists, because they are gifts and my children know how to use the computer (and some of their children do, as well). I want to tell you about these talented people, though, so I will show you one item from their shop. Deal? does semiprecious gemstone jewelry and crystal jewelry. She has a wide range of styles in her shop and she is very reasonably priced. I work in some of these mediums and wish I had her relationship with her supplier! This silver and purple beauty is one of many of her pieces, which range from demure to bling. sold me a gorgeous item. This bracelet is currently in her shop and has matching earrings. It's lapis jasper, and very affordable. sold me a just gorgeous component. She works in glass, and has beads, pendants, and more in her store. She's also a talented painter. Some of her glass is handpainted.

I've told myself I can't buy this business card holder until I have my desk cleaned off and business cards printed...been doing them 10 at a time...

 sold me a handsome gourd ornament. I said, gee, is it too late to get it personalized? She said, well, yeah, this design doesn't really lend itself to personalization (a concern *I* brought up) but I'd be happy to custom make one for you....I can't wait to see it.

This is one of her spirit mask pendants. Would you believe she picks up interesting rocks and paints and seals them and POOF! they are jewelry!

Ok, Twisted, not magically easily, but magically wonderfully. Of course it takes lots of time to do this. makes jewelry, fuses glass, and upcycles. She made the mistake of spotlighting this item in the artfire community and was innundated with requests for that plate but with MY dog, cat, bird, iguana, cricket, whatever. I guess we need to support her fast, because her reply to all and sundry was that she doesn't have that capability at this time, but is saving up for the equipment to do it....I bought one of her barrettes. works in polymer clay and has a fantasy theme in her studio. She makes beautiful earrings and has some items under $10. You can't get mass produced everybodyhasem earrings in the drug store for that price! I can't wait to see my purchase. It's perfect for one of my babies.
Whew! I was going to make this a regular feature, but I really am not a proficient blogger. Maybe I'll just have to keep my fingers out of my pocketbook for awhile to save them from all this typing.

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  1. Awww, thank you and you are quite competent yourself.