Friday, January 30, 2009

Toddling Along On Friday

I'm supposed to be doing laundry. And stuff. I'm doing it, bit by bit. I have one custom order to finish. I'm spending waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much time OL chatting. Reminds me of the old AOL chatroom days when I was watching B5.

Hmmmm, met my husband in that chatroom. Maybe I'll meet some customers here :)

I'm finding the experience to be wonderful. I have not sold on that venue as yet but I have met some wonderful people and have learned more about my avocation since I joined than I did in the whole previous year. Thank you AFAs (ArtFire Artists).

I have, however, purchased many wonderful one-of-a-kind (OOAK) or simply Lovingly Hand Crafted (LHC) items for Christmas in February (My first trip to the Land of the Grandbabies since Christmas.)on .

I got towels for Mom-in-law.
Baby Cowboy Booties for as-yet-unborn neice.
A wonderful handpainted ornament.
A GREAT handpainted pendant.
Way cool bracelet.

I've flagged a few other things to buy there too. One artist has a beautiful necklace that I'm coveting. *sigh* Gotta get a day job before I can justify buying myself jewelry when I have all these gorgeous components in my dining area.

So if you are looking for great handcrafted gifts, I do believe you'll find something there.

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