Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Very First Strings of Beads!

Well, if there is anywhere I should list my jewelry making goals, I guess it is here. My goals for this year, although I am sure that I won't accomplish all of them in this 12-month period, are as follows:

I'm newly unemployed, so one is to use all the glass and base metal components I bought before I was sure I liked jewelry making.

Another is to learn to string beads.

And to cage beads.

And to redesign my Sister-in-law's 2 generation bracelet and necklace, and my mother-in-law's 3 generation bracelet. You would think, wouldn't you, that she'd have the grace to give birth to her third child in one of the months used in the design from her last year's mother's day present, wouldn't you? Well, no, she's not, and my third little tester neice will be born in her very own month. Imagine her being more considerate of her child than me? LOL

And to prepare for a trunk show.

::::sniffles:::: That means I must complete my inventory.

And tagging.

And learn to xtml.

And therefore redesign my logo and banners and... well, you know.

Well, anyway, I cannot say I've learned to string, but I have completed two stringing projects. Hurray!

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  1. I'm following you to see how you grow this year. I love your enthusiasm, but I want to SEE more.