Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #11

First and foremost let me wish my oldest most beautiful daughter a happy birthday. I know she has some tiresome chores today, but she should get home early and enjoy her evening!

Tomorrow is the big day for the start of the Easter Egg Hunt! No April Fool's joke! It's going to be fun.

On April Fool's Day there will be a great giveaway starting on ArtFire: The Easter Egg Hunt! Fifty studio artisans have hidden Easter eggs in their stores. Find them, unscramble the resulting cryptogram, and be the first to email the hostess with the correct answer and you can win a $50 gift certificate for ArtFire spending! There are gift certificates for the second and third correct answers, too!

The two Artful Seniors on Fire Guild members that I will spotlight today are tiedyejudy and VelmaGeorge.

TieDyeJudy says of her shop, "3/15/09 - I have finished moving my inventory to my shop here from my website... yaaaay! But if you want to check out any of my links, my art quilts, or my blogs, my website is still at www.tiedyejudy.com.
3/9/09 - Attention shoppers! Want to be notifed when new items are added or sales events? Contact me! Put 'add me to the list' in the subject line! I promise not to share your e-mail info, or spam you!
3/6/09 - Check out my new blog, hippiewear.blogspot.com for articles about my work, guest articles by other crafters, you name it!

I have been an artist/crafter most of my life, and love making colorful, affordable tie-dye clothing! I hope you spend some time browsing, and if you see something you like but need it in another size or style, be sure to send me a message, I am happy to do custom orders! Check out my patterns at http://www.tiedyejudy.com/patterns.htm to see what I have done in the past"

Of herself, she says, "I have been creating things since I was a small girl. It's in my blood, I am not happy unless I am creating. I started selling my work about 20 years ago, first to friends, then at craft fairs, on-line... you name it! I have joined Art Fire because it is a store front for handmade, hand-crafted items... just like being at a craft fair, only global! I love it!"

Strolling through her studio is fun. Just like a stroll through time.


VelmaGeorge says of her studio, "I really love creating jewelry using crystal, seed beads, semi-precious stones, silver, gold and recycled vintage components.
Contact me at velmageorge@msn.com if you have questions about my items."

Of herself she says, "I'm a mother of two who likes to create jewelry, write and ponder the meaning of all things.

I make jewelry to stay focused and because I just love the beads... the array of colors and textures seems endless.

Things seem to come together when I carefully listen to the beads... "

She must really love doing her beads because I simply don't understand how she can sell her art for so little. I'll have to follow her around and find her suppliers!

I enjoyed browsing these two guild members' shops, and I hope you will too. Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #10

On April Fool's Day there will be a great giveaway starting on ArtFire: The Easter Egg Hunt! Fifty studio artisans have hidden Easter eggs in their stores. Find them, unscramble the resulting cryptogram, and be the first to email the hostess with the correct answer and you can win a $50 gift certificate for ArtFire spending! There are gift certificates for the second and third correct answers, too!

The two Artful Seniors on Fire Guild Members that I will spotlight today are StorybookQuilts and TheChickadeesNest.

StorybookQuilts has a great studio name because it says almost everything about the studio. Of her studio, the artisan says, "
My goal is for each and every Storybook Quilt to create comfort, foster love and encourage the development of a child's imagination.

IMAGINE being cuddled up under a quilt with your child or grandchild, reading a story. The events in the story play out in the fabrics in the quilt's squares. Together, you seek out the fabrics as the story is read.

After a reading or two, that wonderful feeling of being held and read to becomes part of the quilt -- always there for your child or grandchild, now and for years to come.

Both quilt and story are personalized, using your own wording.

To see the new themes we have in development, VISIT US at www.storybookquilts.biz. "

And of herself, "I grew up in the country where storytelling and quilt making were valued arts. I have been doing both all my life. Combining these two passions has delighted the grandparents, parents and little ones who now own Storybook Quilts. I much enjoy designing and producing both the quilts and the stories.

I am developing new themes constantly. A car and a rabbit are now on the design boards. You can track their progress on the Design Board page on www.storybookquilts.biz"

I have one grandchild that is VERY attached to a quilt that was made for him by his mother's coworker. I sure wish I'd known about storybook quilts when I had both the means and the new grandbaby!


TheChickadeesNest cannot be summarized easily. It seems she has a little bit of everything in her studio.

In her words, "Welcome to The Chickadees' Nest. We will have a little of this and a little of that in our studio, just like a bird takes a little of this and a little of that to the nest. It all adds up to one wonderful and comfortable place to be. So come on in and take a look around!

This shop is a tribute to my grandchildren, my chickadees. I have further acknowledged my love for family in the category titles. These are real people to me and the titles are unique to each of them.

I have another online shop at Etsy. Please check it out, too. The URL is http://www.nanalee.etsy.com"

And of herself, "I am a *ahem* senior, though I don't really feel like one. I am no longer able to work outside of my home, or inside sometimes!! I have a chronic illness but I am able to do my artsy crafty stuff and sell online and I love it! It gives me contact with other people and it also gives me goals and that is important when one has chronic illness and pain. So, here I am at Art Fire and hoping for a great experience here. I have a large family and came from a large family so I do spend as much time with family as possible. I have 13 grandchildren who are absolutely beautiful and wonderful, just like their parents!! One more on the way..."

Margo, as you know, is the Guild Master of the Artful Seniors on Fire, and she designed the great tag I have at the top right of my blog.

I had fun tripping through these two studios and I hope you go to their sites and see what else they have in store for you.

Remember to have fun on this Monday!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #9

Happy Sunday! Looks like it will cool off here again tonight. I'll miss the springlike weather.

On April Fool's Day there will be a great giveaway starting on ArtFire: The Easter Egg Hunt! Fifty studio artisans have hidden Easter eggs in their stores. Find them, unscramble the resulting cryptogram, and be the first to email the hostess with the correct answer and you can win a $50 gift certificate for ArtFire spending! There are gift certificates for the second and third correct answers, too! Read about hit here.

The two Artful Seniors on Fire Guild Members that I will spotlight today are SimplyUniqueJewelry and SpiritDance.

SimplyUniqueJewelry does one of a kind jewelry.

Of the studio, the artisan says, "Welcome to Simply Unique Jewelry.

I strive to make all of my jewelry one-of-a-kind creations. My first love is off-loom needle and thread work, but I also create many unique strung items. I look for the best materials possible and always am on the look-out for unique stones and glass. I love to highlight lampwork glass, and feature many USA artists work in my jewelry. I will credit the creating artists in my descriptions, when I know who created the glasswork. I strive to make my pieces as versatile as possible and consequently you will find that many have multiple ways of wearing them.

Please also see more of my jewelry at Simply Unique Jewelry! on Etsy.com"

Of herself, she says, "It started on a windy night.....No that's not what you want to know....I am an artsy-fartsy old lady that loves all things artistic....That's pretty much true, except for the old part....well maybe the old part too! Actually, I am a retired Military spouse, who has had the privilege of traveling around the world and the USA with my retired Army husband of 40 years. Whew!....that does make me old! Oh well, I'm still young at heart! We have lived in Georgia, Germany, North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Northern Virginia, commonly known as the "DC area". While in Germany, we had the opportunity to travel to Holland, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, and England, as well as all over Germany.

I wouldn't trade any of it. I grew up in a little town, where I knew there just had to be more to the world than my little space. Little did I know what was to come! In all of these different locations, I experimented with different Arts and Crafts techniques. My own personal drive always made me strive for the higher artistic ends, rather than the craft ends. I have experienced Oil painting, Acrylic painting, macrame, custom sewing, Quilling, Decorative painting, and now Designer jewelry making.

After spending 17 years in the DC area, my husband and I decided we were ready for a change and moved to Florida to be closer to our oldest daughter and our grandchildren. About a year later our other daughter followed us. My grandchildren and my family are my greatest joys and passions. My art activities come in a close second.

I love working with color to create strong contrasts and beautiful, unique items. I am inspired by nature, sunsets, beautiful skies, the beads and stones themselves, but mainly color. I love the way one color plays off of and influences another. Sometimes it is the shine, or the texture that attracts me, but always the colors hold me. I also have a desire to create much more than I can possibly use myself, hence I will be offering finished articles for sale to you lucky folks! I strive to be as accurate as possible in my descriptions. I don't want you to have any nasty surprises. If you are not pleased with your purchases, I will refund your money upon return of the original items, in original condition, within 10 days of your receipt of the merchandise. As my items are going to be one of a kind items, I can not offer an exchange."

She definitely does beautiful work!


SpiritDance does jewels for spiritual meditation.


(Ed. Note: Eeek! hurry in there! ArtFire Stimulus package was conceived by an ArtFire artist to promote Artfire and showcase its artists. Stimulus package artisans have discounted some items to a most affordable level so that people can get a sample of the artist's work without causing another bank bailout...)

"Welcome to... my ideas done in beads..Meditation beads of all kinds to let your spirit dance

All spirit beads are ooak
I started making Spirit beads as gifts for friends and family..
The designs were done with the person in mind, their hobbies and connections..such as my sister loves dragonflies, brother lives on his sailboat..
so I found dragonfly beads and charms for her and sea charms and shell beads for him..

When designing my spirit beads I choose stones and charms to fit the pendant...

10 beads in the main circle is an easy count for meditation...also the odd bead, which I call the spirit bead, from native American tradition

beads come in either a silk or velvet draw string bag..jewelery in a gift box...

also at www.spiritdance.etsy.com
and for rosaries and knits at www.stringnstone.etsy.com

Thank you for stopping by..Margaret"

And of herself, "I am 60 plus ..have been sewing and knitting for 50 years and crafting for 40..I started beading sometime ago...

This year I was looking for a gift for brother's 50th, decided to do a St. Andrew's rosary..we are a bit Scottish...it was beautiful and I was hooked on stringing beads.

My first love is stones so I started doing research and putting together spirit beads..

I use Melody, Judy Hall, Diane Stein and Robert Simmons for stone meanings...any of their books will give you insight into the crystal world

there you have my story..Thanks for taking the time to read it, Margaret "

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #9

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope that you are relaxing and having fun!

The two Artful Seniors on Fire Guild Members that I will spotlight today are Pepper, a knit and crochet artist, and PiscesMagick, a human and pet adornment studio.

Of her studio, Pepper says, "Beautiful hand knit and hand crocheted hats, scarves, and many baby clothes. Using only the finest fibers and yarns."

Of herself, Pepper says, "I am a 'Nana' who loves to knit and crochet, although knitting is my first love. My favorite things to knit are the baby items. The little hats and sweaters and booties are so precious. I have a cat (Misty), and she watches every stitch I take. She never bothers my yarn or my knitting, she just sits and watches me, her head going back and forth as my hands do.

I have two grand daughters who are all grown up, and they have a tendency to 'steal' anything I make that is laying around. I have one great grandson, and he is so special to knit for. I love living in the northeast (except for the snow), and being near my hometown of Bolton Landing and close to my beautiful family. I lived in California for many years, and it is good to be home."

I knit, and I crochet, and I will be visiting this store for my grandbaby things.

PiscesMagick is described, "Piscesmagick Jewelry is a small, one-person studio specializing in hand-crafted jewelry in various media for the entire family including your favorite dog or cat. "

This is named "Puppy's First Necklace."

PiscesMagick artisan says, "Istarted doing jewelry when I picked up a book on sale at the bookstore. I wasn't sure if it was something I'd like or not but I was soon totally hooked. You can view my web site at http://piscesmagick.tripod.com/

I also work at a regular job doing Night Audit at a Wyndham resort in north County San Diego."

This one is for the humans:

I hope you enjoyed visiting these two Artful Seniors today, and you will go to their studios to see what else they offer. Have fun today!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking a day off from everything but processing photos

So here is a rapid cart to browse:

!-- Begin: ArtFire Rapid Cart (v1.0) for Alisuns -->

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday already! I am so far behind my schedule for the week! I slept through sunrise this morning (the best time to take pictures in my apartment) but there's no sun peeking through the grey sky anyway...
Today's Artful Seniors on Fire spotlights will be on NossubGallery and OldCroneBeadworks. I remember meeting NossubGallery in the forum on ArtFire and was charmed to be reminded of braiding techniques learned 50 years ago in summer camp....

Of her studio, she says, "Welcome to the Nossub Gallery!

We are currently, and hopefully will always continue to be, a work-in-progress. So please come back often to see how we develop.

Please visit my blog at www.nossubgalleyr.blogspot.com"

And of herself, "" ....no bio! I guess we'll be better off visiting her blog, anyway. I happen to know there is or was a tutorial about 8-strand braiding there...beware in visiting her studio...I want to buy everything in it!


OldCroneBeadWorks' slogan is "Jewelry Even a Witch Could Love." I love it! She has some pagan themed jewelry, and some simply delightful jewelry! I'm partial to rubies, but this design would attract me even if I weren't:

Of the studio, "Elegant and Fun Jewelry With An Affordable Price Tag

Simple Pleasures for US $9.99


Little Treasures for under US $20.00

Here you will find a little something for everyone.

Also you can find fine handmade Ritual Jewerly for the Pagan, Wiccan , Celtic and Druid
Alternative Religious Path.

All my items are handmade by me.

I do take special requests. Please email me with any questions.

Look for new arrivals to my store daily.

Hope to see you here soon."

Of herself, "I'm a retired great grandmother living with my husband
of 36 years in sunny Fl.
I have been making jewerly as well as handmade soaps and bath products and also dolls for over 25 years.
I owned my own store here in FL where I sold my handmade items and jewerly but just retired a few years ago.
I managed a store on ebay for quite a few years
and just opened this shop here on Art Fire.
I hope you take a few minutes to view my shop.
If you have any questions or comments please email I am always happy to hear from my customers.
Thank you,

That lucite polkadot bracelet is just adorable!

I hope that you enjoyed meeting these two Artful Seniors, and will take a minute to visit their studios. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #8

Good Wednesday morning to you! today we feature KTDesigns and MySassyGlass.

KTDesigns does one of a kind (OOAK) jewelry, as you can see by the pictures of it.

The artisan says, "Welcome to KT Designs at Art Fire. I make and sell handmade Jewelry. Mostly OOAK, some repurposed. "

Of herself she says, "I just recently retired from retail after...a VERY long time. Now I spend my days with my newest grandchild, Caitlin ( Caity to me). We like to watch Elmo and Abby Cadabby. And then she goes home and I get to play with my beads or paint. Other then that, the only other thing I do is read and listen to music on my IPod. I have 3 Kids and 9 grandkids scattered all over the west coast. And a husband!

I really enjoy making jewelry. I want to start working with silver and fire my own designs. I love art and creating. My Mom is a great artist and great Mom. We learned from her. She was always drawing and painting when she wasn't working. She worked hard at work and harder at home because there were 8 of us little angels."

Wow, I have a son-in-law whose family encouraged artistry. It blossomed in the entire family and I can see how Caity's grandmom must have been encouraged.


And now on to MaggiesMarket. Ah, a search for this studio was unproductive. Maggie must have moved on.

Let's go on to MySassyGlass. The studio is described, "Studio of an Award Winning Glass Artist.
Check out the press release for "Art in the Garden" at http://www.mysassyglass.com/. What ever your personality type ... bold, sassy, modern, classic, sporty, edgy, daring, elegant, trendy, or unique. We have a pendant just for you."

Of herself, the artisan says, "Hi, my name is Susan and I am a fused glass artist. A few years ago, I was downsized out of my fourth job and decided that I should use my own skills to make my way in this BIG world. So, I went back to school and graduated with a degree in Web Development and a Small Business Certificate. With the completion of my schooling came the creation of my company which I named Sassy Glass LLC. "

Of herself, she says, "I originally thought I would be creating stained glass pieces, but once I experimented with fused glass I was hooked. And now I create original fused glass wearable artwork. I decided that since they are all one-of-a-kind pieces of art that they should be named and signed. And so each pendant has been given a named and "Sassy" is engraved on the back of each pendant. (So far I have named over twenty-seven hundred pendants.)

My daughter has since joined me and we love experimenting with glass to see if we can get the effect that we are trying to achieve. It is fantastic when we succeed in getting the look that we were going for but, we must admit that sometimes mistakes and surprises are so much better. It's like Christmas morning every time we open up the kiln.

Working with glass and heat is a magical combination. Layering glass adds depth and combining colors can create endless combinations. Then you can add Dichroic Glass that has magical properties all of its own. You see, Dichroic Glass will reflect one color while it transmits another color. Because of this characteristic, the dichroic glass will actually look like its changing color right before your very eyes. It is truly amazing to see.

We have lovingly created and sold pendants, slides, earrings, drop vases, slumped wine bottles, sun catchers/wind chimes and table art. Although we sell the majority of our artwork at Art and Craft shows in Wisconsin, we have also had our art on different websites for the past four years.

Patrons have asked and I must agree that it is very hard to sell some of the pieces that we create. They almost become a part of you. But, what we enjoy more is for someone that has already purchased a piece from us come back to buy gifts for themselves or others.

Happy Shopping! "

One should never say never, but I really don't imagine myself with all that heat and intensity. My hat is off to you!

I hope that you have enjoyed the spotlights for today. Be sure to visit their shops to see what else they have for you!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #7

First, let me apologize for neglecting you yesterday. I was ill, and barely keeping up with email.

I'm MUCH better now!

This day's Artful Seniors on Fire Guild spotlight will be on KizingtonPlace and Krrschurr.

KizingtonPlace does upcycling, scarf making, and jewelry on ribbons, lanyards, and strung beads and gemstones.

Kiz says, "Hi There,
Thanks for stopping by. Dominos have been a source of creative ideas for me. Love the color and the ink's freedom of flow on the tiles. Hope you find something made especially for you, if not do enjoy your visit and please come again.

And, "Kizington Place is where my ideas come to life in one form or another. However, not always as I see them in my mind.
After working in the 9-5 world for many years, I now create designs with inks on tiles. When not working with inks, I have a hook in my hand or maybe two needles. There are so many types of yarn available today, and the colors and textures are unlimited. So fun.
Oh, yes I also love being behind the camera lens. So much to learn and try.
Life is good!"

OK Kiz, any time you want to come to my house and photograph jewelry, you are welcome! Hehehe!

Krrschurr does custom athletic clothing: Nope, not in CA, in OH! Krschurr says, " I sew athletic wear for fun and function. To that end, the best fabric available is used, and all seams are finished.
Customize your shorts or leggings. I have many fabrics on-hand that you can choose from. You can view them on my flickr site:
Look in the set labeled 'Fabrics Available'

Visit my blog, too, at http://www.flamingoks.blogspot.com
Verified sellers receive a 10% discount."

And, "My Motto: Life is short, Sew get on with it.....

I started sewing biking shorts for my daughters and their friends/teammates to wear under their basketball and soccer jerseys. The girls liked the bicycle shorts curved back because they don't slip down during active wear. The color combinations have been a fun part of their purchases, too."

This is a shoe bag for sports. Cool idea!

I hope you have enjoyed discovering these two Artful Seniors. Jump over to their shops and see what else they have for you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #7

Happy Sunday!

Today we will feature to more ArtFul Seniors on Fire: Franciebagsetc. and ImagineArt.

Franciebagsetc says of her studio, "Welcome to Franciebagsetc. Your destination for quality, one of a kind, hand crocheted handbags, day, evening, casual or dressy, felted, upcycled sweater purses. Each to complement a special outfit. Handcrafted, affordable, gifts and accessories for women, children, and 'tweens. Visit often. New designs are added often. Add a Franciebag to your handbag stash! Visit Franciebags.com for more unique handbags and gifts. All handcrafted with particular attention to meticulous workmanship. Thank you for your interest."

She does more than handbags. This cloche, for exmple:

Franciebagsetc. says of herself, "Franciebags was named for my dear Mother, Frances, who taught me to crochet. After spending many years as a Dressmaker/Fitter, in several of Pittsburgh, PA's finest women specialty shops, I am now interested in having you choose one or more of my creations to add to your accessories or gift list. I love what I am doing and hope my handbags and accessories reflect that passion. You can also check out more of my handbags, etc. at Franciebags.com."

And, of course, a bag:

ImagineArt says of herself, "We specialize in vintage ephemera, along with interesting and eclectic supplies for mixed media, collage, altered art, card making and scrapbooking.

We travel the world, seeking out interesting treasures to bring to you. We hope you'll find our studio full of fascinating things to use in your artwork."

Of herself, she says, "Mixed media artist who loves rubber stamps, vintage ephemera, and eclectic art supplies."

Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #6

Today I get to meet Madelyn! I'm so excited! Mominlaw is coming into town so we'll grab takeout and pick her up from the airport and deliver her to Madelyn's Mom and Dad, so we have an excuse to intrude. I'm excited!

On to our daily spotlight: Today we have eliswoodgifts and EllaBellaMe.

Eliswoodgifts says, "I am a retired master carpenter who now builds unique handcrafted wood items in my small home shop. I have been designing and building items like this for years, and make each item by myself, one at a time, with care."

I wish I could justify buying this:

but it would make the rest of my living room look too shabby!

And this is so great! If I could unbury my note pads, I might get one!

Although Eliswoodgifts has no avatar or banner, the descriptions of products sounds professional and practiced. Don't let the lack of either keep you from this studio, which has been with ArtFire since last December.

EllaBellaMe says, "I am a big time lover of chenille and the vintage look. I use chenille in alot of the baby items I make and am constantly searching for cute vintage looking fabric.

I will also be listing some jewelry and adding other items as well. I MUST clean out the things I have been hoarding and I hope somebody actually uses them someday!"

She has a variety of things in her studio: Jewelry, sewing patterns, and baby things. I love these matching burp pads and bibs, but wonder how many moms can sleep well enough to keep them in the same place :)

Of herself, "I have been crafting ever since I was a child being inspired by both my grandmothers, Eleanor and Isabell. That is where the studio's name comes from....and me!

I do many different crafts and hope to display them all at one time or another so check back often. "

I hope you enjoyed this venture into two studios from the east coast. I did. Stop by their studios to browse!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #5

DLCreations-AL describes her studio, "My studio is located in a booth in an antique store. I also sell my jewelry there. A large part of my income is from repairing the vintage pieces my customers bring to me. My satisfaction is in their renewed enjoyment of their jewelry. More than that, however, is what each piece teaches me; pattern, color, style, workmanship, design, all influence and teach me. So when I pick up a selection of beads, gemstones, etc. I can listen to them suggest the best way to show their beauty."

and herself, "
I come from an artistic family. However, I am a late bloomer and only found my artistic medium after retirement. I am fast approaching 70 years. I began beading 7 years ago and am self taught, continuing to explore new techniques, and to aquire new skills.
In August 2007 I rented a 10X15 foot booth in an antique store and set up my display case and work table. It is both my shop and my studio 3 days a week."

EcclecticOddities describes her studio: "clectic Oddities is a collection of handmade items, created by a retired art teacher with too much time on her hands, and an overactive drive to keep busy!

Each item is one of a kind, and in some cases the style may be the same, but the materials vary, so that each piece is an original.

I love doing custom work, so feel free to request an item that you may not see in the Studio.

You will find fiber/wearable arts, jewelry, paper goods, odd bits/pieces and misc. clothing articles.

I am currently adding a couple of items a day, so check back now and then for new listings. Most will be new items, not found in my Etsy shop.

I also have 3 shops on Etsy :

and herself, "
Retired high school art and theatre teacher.
A crafter, quilter, designer and seamstress for over 40 years.

Love all things 4 footed and furry, as well as our feathered friends. Live with 4 cats and feed all the neighborhood strays.

Have a variety of interests, thus the eclectic nature of my shop and handmade items."

I hope you have enjoyed seeing two of their items, and that you will visit their stores on ArtFire.com to see more.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Artful Seniors on Fire Spotlight #4

Today's spotlights from the Artful Seniors on Fire Guild are CherryTree and CrazyWomanGlass.

CherryTree says about herself: "I love working with clay and the greatest moment and the greatest disappointment is when the kiln is opened after the final glaze firing. It can be wonderful or a disaster!
Pieces that have hours spent on them can crack or the glaze doesn't work and its very sad, but when it comes out well, it's great!
I'm inspired by many things- Nature, beauty, stories and rhymes. I find a lot of inspiration on my daily walk in the woods with our Labrador Molly.
My daughter Jo is also very artistic and has a site on Artfire. She makes lovely cards and knits beautifully. (something I have never been able to do!)
Her site is knitting_pixie"

As a JT Tunstall fan, I couldn't resist putting up her black horse freehand sculpture.

And ArtFire artists love cats...

CrazyWomanGlass says, "Crazy Woman Glass is finally on Art Fire! We are a husband and wife team of self representating artists into glass. We make beads, pendants, marbles, jewelry, and fused and stained glass items.

We've just completed a new studio. We have three torches set up and are able to teach beginning, intermediate and specialty lampwork classes. You can see photos of the new studio at www.crazywomanglass.com or visit www.crazywomanglass.etsy.com

Thanks for looking!"

Her bio states, "There is something very magical for me in the transformation of sheets of glass into objects that transmits light and color as is the melting of glass rods in the flame and creating beads of all colors and shapes.

For over 12 years I have been working with glass in various forms, including stained glass, fusing and jewelry. Creating flamework beads for the last 8 years was a natural transition into another aspect of working with glass.

A Glass Torch Technologies torch that combines oxygen and propane is used to melt the glass to form the beads or off-mandrel work. These can be embellished with handmade twisties, stringers, latticino, silver, gold, copper foil, dichoric glass, or millefiore. The glass is then fully annealed in a kiln for durability.

Each bead is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will last for many years. These beads are made into either unique finished wearable pieces, sold as sets, or individual beads."

I know I thoroughly enjoyed discovering these two ArtFire Artisans, and I hope you will visit their shop and enjoy them just as much.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ArtfulSeniors on Fire Spotlight #3

Got pictures of Madelyn today. Hope the sweater I ordered her is in the mail when it gets here!

Today's Artful Seniors are CastinClay and CasualCottage.

Castinclay, Marie, describes her ArtFire site: "I love to create! My medium is polymer clay. I design jewelry and create mixed media wall hangings. I hope you enjoy my creations. If you have any special requests or would like colors different than what I am offering, let me know. I will be happy to make it for you if it is possible."

and herself: "I am a self taught artist. Painting was my first love then I found polymer clay. Now I do both. I have always been creative and spend many hours in my craft room. I hope my creations make you happy."

here are two listings, one of which is a painting:

Casual cottage describes her studio:
"I have been selling on the internet since 2002. I love the cottage style and strive for that in everything that I create. Painting, especially porcelain painting, and sewing are two of my passions."

and herself:
"I am a mother of one and grandmother of 8. I work part-time (3 days a week) and devote the remainder of my time to my family and business.

You can find me on Twitter under the name CasualCottage and also visit me on my blog:

Here are two of her items:

These are called fabric yo-yos, and used for many different things. Since I am fabric craft dumb, I'll quote her here too:
"Fabric yoyos are perfect for "sew" many crafting projects. Use them for quilting or applique projects or add them to purses, totes or any project that could use a little pizzaz!"

She also paints:

I hope you will visit these guild members' studios. Have fun today!